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SeAZ-11116 “Oka” specification

General parameters
Number of seats/doors 4/3
Length, mm 3200
Width, mm 1420
Height, mm 1400
Number of seats at folded back seat 2
Unladen mass, kg: 340
Load mass, kg:
- with a driver and three passengers
- with a driver and one passenger
Equipped car mass (with equipment and full fuel tank, but without driver, passengers and baggage), kg 660
Load distribution on the road of the car with maximum permitted mass, kg:
- front wheels tyres
- rear wheels tyres
Car clearance with full mass at 256 mm static radius of the tyres, mm, not less:
- to sub-frame
- to the engine compartment lower crankcase
The lowest outer turning radius of the front wheel trace axis, m, not more: 4,6
Maximum speed, km/h:
- with driver and one passenger
Acceleration time from zero to 100 km/h with gears shifting, sec:
- with maximum permitted mass
- with a driver and one passenger
Maximum slope that the car overcomes with the full mass, on the steady and hard ground, without initial speed, on the first gear (for run-in car with a bedded-in engine, with the slope length not less than dual length of the car), %, not less 30
Braking distance for the car with maximum permitted mass from 80 km/h speed on the horizontal part of the dry and smooth asphalted road, m, not more:
- with main brake system
- with parking brake system
(one of the circuts of the main system)
Fuel consumption per 100 km run in summer time with maximal permitted mass, L, not more:
- at 90 km/h and the fourth gear
- in urban cycle
Towed trailer total mass, kg:
- equipped with brakes
- not equipped with brakes
Type four-stroke, gasoline, with electronic control unit (ECU) 
Number and arrangement of cylinders 3, in row
Cylinder diameter and piston stroke, mm 76x73
Cubic capacity, L 0,993
Compression ratio 9,5
Nominal power at crankshaft rotation speed of 6,000 rpm according to GOST 14846-88 (gross), kWt (h.p.) 39 (53)
Maximum torgue moment at crankshaft rotation speed of 3,000 rpm according to GOST 14846-88 (gross), N.m (kgf. m) 77 (7,8)
The cranckshaft minimum rotation speed at idle regime, rpm 820-900
Cylinders ignition sequence 1-2-3
Mass portion of carbon oxid (CO) on exhaust gases at idle regime, %, not more 0,5
Clutch single-disk, dry, with central pushing spring; unclutching actuator is cable, with unclutchin bearing set without clearance
Gear box five speed, with synchromeshes on all the forwards gears. The main gear is cylindrical, helical
Gear-ratio of 5-speed gear box - First gear 3.42
- Second gear 1.95
- Third gear 1.28
- Fourth gear 0.97
- Fifth gear 0.76
- Main gear 4.1
Differential conical, double-satellite
Front wheels control drive shafts with CV Joints
Front suspension independent, with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, with cylindrical spiral springs, with lower transversal levers with spreaders and antiroll bar
Rear suspension on longitudinal mutually connected levers, with cylindrical spiral springs and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers of double-sided action
Wheels disk wheels, stamped, tread dimension 5Jх13H2, for tyres with or without inner tubes
Tyres radial, low-profile, tyres with or without inner tubes Dimensions – 155/70R13
Type collapsible
Steering device rack-and-pinion gear
Steering drive two rods with hinging to rackgear and swing joint with pivot rods
Main brake system: front brake device disk, with sliding support and automatic adjustment of clearance between the disk and brake-shoes
Rear brake device drum, with self-adjusted brake-shoes, with automatic or manual adjustment of clearance between brake-shoes and drum
Brake actuator hydraulic, double-circut with diagonal division of circuts, with vacuum booster and pressure adjuster
Parking brake manual, with cable actuator to brake-shoes of rear wheels
Electrical equipment scheme single-wired, negative pole is connected with ground. Rated voltage 12V.
Battery charge (36 – 44 Ah)
Generator AC, with integrated rectifier on silicon diodes, with electronic voltage regulator Power supplied is 50A at 5,000 rpm
Starter remote control, with electro-magnetic switching and coasting muff
Body Hatchback
Type all-metal, integral, three-door


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