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Quality policy


One of the most important constituents of the economical success is the quality of goods and services as well as technologies and business processes for production.

The standard that lets us confirm different aspects of quality in our enterprise`s activity is ISO 9000 Standards Group – a serie of International Standards of quality control and confirmation that was accepted by more than 90 countries of the world. OAO "SeAZ" Quality Management System is approved as conforming to ISO 9001:2000 International Standards.

The enterprise’s main goal is competitive production manufacturing, meeting of demands of all interested parties and continuous improvement of quality.

We take care all time to meet the consumers requirements and we are bent on to exceed their expectations.

We are improving our quality management system and increase its potency and effectiveness.

We provide production quality stability by preventive actions, active and creative participation of everybody in the joint solution of any problem.

Performance of work with quality from the very beginning by all the staff, in the range from a worker to the general manager, is the basis of our enterprise’s prosperity.

Our factory staff consists of 1,400 specialists of high qualification.  There are regular workers among them who spent many years for their enterprise, as well as active purposeful young people.



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