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This time the new organizational-engineering action has resulted in creation of capacities to produce 25 thousand cars a year.

Assembly-welding production

A flexible automated complex is used for producing of the main units of bodies and completed bodies assembly. It consists of assembly stand in satellites and positions for welding with industrial robots. High level of mechanization and automation of the assembly-welding operation lets provide the highest quality of welding processes.

Spray-painting production
The car body painting is executed with use of high-technology processing equipment. Suspension-pushing conveyors and floor conveyors are used for the car bodies with inter-process motion. Full-dipping phosphatizing of surfaces and cathodic electrophoresis are included in the technology of the body preparation to provide its corrosion-resistance. Conforming to European and World-wide standards, modern paintwork materials would guarantee painting af high quality and make more attractive the car bodies.

Assembly production

Highly productive cars assembly is executed on an unmanned system of conveyors having specified height differences. Subassembly of the car units is located in the assembly areas along the main conveyor, thus providing the no-break work. The quality control system includes: hermiticity tests in a sprinkling-chamber, technological running-in on a bench testing unit, tests on track.



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